As a proud owner of one crazy four-legged lady back home I know the importance to give your buddy all the best. For this reason, as a dog walker, I like to keep it simple. Ordinary day you will find me walking one or two dogs at the time in the area they are little kings at: they know the best corners to sniff at, the most wavy roads to check and the best fellows to greet with.

To keep it interesting we always entertain by various games or training, however, some days we just take couple minutes to sit and observe passerbies.


Oh, and do not forget the 'sniff walks'! We all know the power of those wee noses, so it is essential to occasionally have sessions when we can spend some reasonable time at the same spot if there is enough information on the ground to be 'red'.



As a proud owner of two four-legged buddies back home I know the importance of giving all the best to your dog. For this reason, as a dog walker, I like to keep it simple: I only walk one or two dogs at the time. This helps me to give my full attention to them and use my professional understanding to its finest.


To make it interesting and useful, we always include various games and exercises into the walk. However, on some days we can just take a couple of minutes off to wind down, sit and observe the surroundings.

In fact, Sky Walkers dictate the pattern of each walk themselves and I just happily follow it!

How it works:

First and foremost, we arrange our MEET&GREET! It is time for you to spoil things your pooch loves and ask me important questions, agree on walking schedule and sort all things out.


Adventures begin! Your pooch will be walked in surrounding areas solo or together with another friend that is carefully chosen to make the most fun of each walk.

Enjoy digital updates? Pictures and videos from walks are regularly uploaded to our Instagram and Facebook accounts, however, short personal updates after each walk can be sent to you if asked!

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