I used to get super excited near pets since the young age, however, neither I nor my family imagined that it will grow into something bigger.


The first step that confirmed my passion was volunteering in 2010 when I joined the team of a local pet rescue centre. I still consider it to be the place that taught me the most. After starting with room cleaning, dog walking, daily pet care and greeting visitors as a care assistant, soon I immersed myself into charity projects management. Finally, after years of dreaming, we adopted my first dog - Beta.


Our beginning with Beta was not easy. With an unknown experience before us and three months spent in the centre, she had all the issues you could think of. It makes me smile now when I remember all the chewed leashes, carpets, mom's shoes, sensitive digestion and those crazy eyes looking what else not allowed she could do.


However, the desire to train my new family member led me to the world of cynology. Various dog training, health and psychology workshops, books and events were just the beginning. I remember entering my first junior handling competition in 2012; a year after - debut as a professional dog show handler and the start of my dog walking career in 2014.


Although a lot has changed in the past couple of years, the passion for four-legged creatures stayed. Nowadays I still feel the excitement to meet every new dog and his owner, but have much more knowledge and experience I can share.


My goal is not to be yet another service provider though - I want to be a friend you can call whenever you need help, advice or someone to share happy moments with!


Hope to hear from you soon! All the best wishes,



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